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"The strategies and tips she shared with us are already benefiting us greatly" - Olivia P.


Udeshi Hargett is a highly sought after Keynote and Motivational Speaker. She speaks and performs violin, traveling throughout the US and internationally. Udeshi has captured audiences worldwide with her charismatic personality and incredible talent as a speaker. 

Her content and presentation is full of passion, energy and a powerful message. Her storytelling inspires and motivates the audience leaving them wanting more. She speaks on a variety of topics and will customize her presentation to fit your audience. Her warm, happy and upbeat personality is a breath of fresh air. 


A successful business owner, Udeshi follows her passion as a career. She will share how she built her violin business from scratch to explosive growth. She emphasizes the importance of great customer service. Udeshi encourages others to follow their passion and teaches them how to build a successful business doing what they love.

Udeshi has done numerous speaking engagements at schools, colleges and health care facilities in NC. If you are looking for a special program for your class or organization look no further. Udeshi is the most engaging and motivating speaker that it will leave your audience inspired and uplifted. She is a role model for many.  Udeshi offers a young entrepreneurs consulting program to groom and prepare college and high school students to become successful entrepreneurs. Many college and high school students who hear her speak enroll in this program.

A unique and distinctive feature that Udeshi brings to her presentation is a breathtaking violin performance. Udeshi is an award-winning violinist who performs worldwide. Her uplifting music is known to calm and soothe the audience. A performance from this internationally renowned violinist will make make any business conference entertaining and memorable!

Your audience will thank you for bringing Udeshi Hargett and her positive energy in to their lives. 

Please contact us for a personalized quote.

Travel allowance will be determined based on destination and dates. Accommodation must be provided for a minimum of two nights for out of state/country engagements.

Telephone: 252-292-1307



Press kit and video footage available.

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